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    Overview of Green Dot eCash @ the Register Payment Option

Rixty users can now top-up their account with cash at CVS, Rite Aid and other major stores using Green Dot eCash @ the Register.
You can pay with a paper payslip or a convenient barcode on your mobile phone.

  • Rixty will instantly rebate the $4.95 retail service fee
  • If you top-up $100 or more, you’ll get a 2% bonus!

Paying with Green Dot eCash is easy:

  1. Select “Pay at CVS” or “Pay at Rite Aid” at the time of payment
  2. In the Green Dot popup window, print the barcoded payslip or send it to your mobile phone
  3. At the store, give the cashier any amount from $20 to $500 and show them your barcode
  4. Pay the $4.95 retail service fee (Rixty will rebate this fee to you)
  5. The amount plus $4.95 rebate will instantly go into your Rixty account
  6. Return to your favorite game and spend using Rixty

Don’t forget:  Top-up $100 or more and get a 2% bonus directly into your Rixty account!   Get Started

Top Up via Barcode

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