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    Why don't I see my full Rixty account balance?

If you are attempting to make a purchase and the full amount of your Rixty account balance is not being displayed, there are two possibilities:

1. Funds were transferred to Rixty from MOL/Razer

In our system, funds that come from MOL/Razer cannot be spent back at Razer, i.e. amounts that were transferred into your Rixty account from an MOL or Razer account are not available for spending at Razer, nor at games where the Rixty payment option is accessed through Razer.

If you're attempting to spend at or through Razer and your full Rixty balance isn’t available, please top-up your Rixty account with another payment method.

2. PINs from some Rixty Resellers cannot be used at www.rixty.com

Rixty PINs sold through some online resellers are intended for use inside games; such PINs cannot be used to buy game codes from our online store. Resellers offering such PINs should advise you about this limitation.

If you are trying to buy a code from our online store and your full Rixty balance is not available, please top-up your Rixty account with another payment method.

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